Monday, October 12, 2015

Stand up for our rights

What if I were to tell you that Americans are being held hostage by a terrorist organization, and that these terrorists have enabled the deaths of thousands of Americans, including school children. You'd expect our government to do something about it wouldn't you? What if you then found out that the government won't do anything because this very same terrorist organization has bought out the majority of our representatives through campaign contributions? Time to put an end to this don't you think? So please stand up to terrorism and demand that our government takes down the NRA, and take the guns off our streets and out of the hands of people who would do us harm. Make it clear to your representatives that you will not vote for any candidate that does not make taking down the NRA and passing real gun control legislation their top priority.

If there is one right guaranteed to every American it is that of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. It is ingrained in our conciseness. This is the most fundamental part of being an American. But as long as we have to live with in fear of sending our children to school because they could be murdered by a lunatic with guns, we are being denied this right. No American should have to fear that their children are not safe at school. No American should have to fear for their own lives in a movie theater, a mall, or other public place. That is the very definition of terrorism.

We have fought wars against foreign terrorists. Spent billions of dollars to defeat them. Sent our sons and daughters off to fight and die, so that the rest of us could feel safer. We can end the domestic terrorism imposed on us by the NRA simply by not voting for any politician that takes money from them. Once we have rid the government of these corrupt politicians they can get to work to craft real laws that will get these guns of the streets and let us feel safe again.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

All guns must go

We need to repeal the second amendment and eliminate all guns. Here is why.

The second amendment was written for another time. After the war for independence our young country wanted to make sure the new government understood that if at anytime things weren't working out, the citizens could take up arms and rebel. This simply does not apply to the 21st century. No one is going to overthrow the United States government via a violent revolution. If we want a revolution that will result in anything like the world we want to live in, it will have to be a non-violent revolution.

All of the "sensible" gun measures say they want to protect "legitimate" gun ownership. Things like hunting, target shooting, or as President Obama put it "to protect one's family". Let's examine these.

I respect people that really rely on hunting to feed there family, but have no respect for the average "sport" hunter who goes out to kill animals for the fun of it. There is nothing sporting about using a high powered rifle to kill an animal. Killing other creatures when you don't need their meat for survival is wrong. If you get a "thrill" from taking the life of an animal you become a calloused human being that no longer values life and is one step closer to being able to take a human life. If you really need to hunt, get a bow and arrows.

Target shooting:
Are you the bozo who leaves broken glass and cans scattered through the woods? Or maybe you prefer shooting up road signs as you down a six pack while driving on a country road? Either way we don't need you. Get a life.

Protect your family:
We've all watched the good guys save the day in the movies. Unfortunately real life doesn't always work that way. In most cases having a gun makes it more likely that you will be shot. The presence of guns escalates the situation. Just having a gun in your home puts your family at greater risk. Children are killed all the time by accidental discharge. These parents should be charged with negligent homicide for having a gun in their home.

Wildlife control:
I recently read one person say they needed assault rifles to control the gophers in their fields so that the cattle didn't trip on the gopher holes. For these psychos killing is always the solution. Coyotes, wolves, rabbits, they're all dangerous enemies that need to be shot down. You think maybe there is another way of looking at the world?

The radical right would like to paint even the politicians calling for "sensible" gun control as extremists. If there is any legislation at all, it will be for a "compromise" plan, that takes the "sensible" plan likely to be brought forth by Democrats, and cripples it to be completely ineffective. Let's start with a bold plan, so that a compromise will leave us with something that might actually help. More importantly let's get people embracing this idea, to start moving the conversation in the right direction.

Guns are created for one purpose only and that is to kill. That is the first thing we need to except. What makes a good gun? One that is more lethal, one that makes it easier to kill. If you own a gun you are making a commitment that you are willing to kill. Is that the country you want for your children? Let's make a commitment to end the killing, and start by getting rid of the guns.

Tell your representatives you will not vote for any candidate that doesn't make it their top priority to take down the NRA and put an end to gun violence. Let's repeal the second amendment and replace it with a constitutional right to feel safe in our schools, and in our lives.